Monday, July 20, 2009

Ken Ken Puzzles

I've done Sudokus for a while. They are similar to crossword puzzles but with numbers instead of letters. You have to order the numbers so there are the digits 1-9 in each 3x3 square, each row, and each column. Sounds easy, but its rather complex. There are also Monster Sudokus that have digits 0-9 and add letters A-F. However, I've been more delighted with the Ken Ken puzzles. They not only have numbers (which I love) but also incorporate math skills (which I love). If you like math or simply enjoy puzzles, give them a try. This is the best selection I've found: You can do these on the computer or print them. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Asters Finally Bloomed!

They finally bloomed!!! I've been growing these from seed since about March!

The Bug

Today I saw a bug diligently attempting to get through my window to the plant on the other side. The bug was so focused on the great looking plant it had very little hope of getting to, it completely ignored the vast forest of leaves, trees, and flowers behind it.

Life is often like this. We are the bugs, vainly attempting to reach a great looking goal, when all along, God has a whole forest of better goals behind us.

What are you focusing so diligently on that you are missing the forest God has for you?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Frugal Goals...If I Must

It has been nearly a month since I set my frugal goals. Like all goals I make, I completely forgot about them until I read my cousin's update on her blog. So, here's how I've been doing:

Overall, I am doing terrible on my goals (which is understandable seeing as I forgot I had made goals. : - ) Maybe I'll do better next month. For this week, if I can get my homework done and the frige cleaned, I'll be a happy girl.

FAIL 1. Frugal Clothes
NOT DONE - Donate clothes I don't wear
NOT DONE - Buy matching pieces for clothes I like but don't go with anything (this may not seem frugal, but I wear clothes for a long time, so its worth it...and buying one shirt or shorts to complete an outfit is cheaper than buying a whole outfit)

OK 2. Frugal Food
I'LL HAVE TO CRUNCH SOME NUMBERS, but probably NO CHANGE- Eat out cheaper ( to do this)
DON'T LOOK IN MY FRIDGE...ITS SCARY - No food waste (cheerfully eat what I have)
GOOD!!! SPINACH/STRAWBERRY SALAD!!! - Make more food at home

OK 3. Frugal Spending
NEED TO CRUNCH NUMBERS - Spend less (I'm thinking of going to good old cash and the envelop system)
NOT DONE - Analyze giving (this does not sound frugal, but giving is important and I'd like to give more)
FAIL FAIL FAIL!!! I've been to Target a zillion times since last month (fortunately some was to do returns) - Don't buy STUFF (I spend untold amounts at big box stores like WalMart and Target, rarely remembering what I purchased or if I do, its stuff I don't need)
GOOD! I returned nearly $100 worth fo stuff (but means I also bought it) - RETURN stuff (I did this today...returned a book I know I'll never end up reading and a bracket that's the wrong size, normally I would have just kept these two things seeing as they weren't very much money and could be useful, but I'm glad I have my money back and glad I have the space in my apartment this stuff would have taken)

OK 4. Frugal Time
NOT DONE - Anyone who knows me, knows I hate reading, but its something I want to do more of (maybe 15 minutes a day to start)
A LITTLE DONE - Spend more time with God (is there ever enough?)