Monday, July 20, 2009

Ken Ken Puzzles

I've done Sudokus for a while. They are similar to crossword puzzles but with numbers instead of letters. You have to order the numbers so there are the digits 1-9 in each 3x3 square, each row, and each column. Sounds easy, but its rather complex. There are also Monster Sudokus that have digits 0-9 and add letters A-F. However, I've been more delighted with the Ken Ken puzzles. They not only have numbers (which I love) but also incorporate math skills (which I love). If you like math or simply enjoy puzzles, give them a try. This is the best selection I've found: You can do these on the computer or print them. Enjoy!

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Brian said...

KenKen is about the best brain-training you can get on the fly, and it's so much fun that it is truly addictive.

There aren't many ways to learn it beyond the simplest level, so I've put some free vids up at (KenKen at The Math Mojo Chronicles).

That should help anyone get beyond the novice stage, (if they need the help),
I'm so glad to see that the number of KenKen aficionados is growing.

Go figure!
Brian (a.k.a. Professor Homunculus at )