Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Five Years

It has been five years since I graduated from college! I can hardly believe it! At the age of twenty-two, I had big dreams for my life: marriage, children, enough money not to worry about it, a house, a great job at a church. Some dreams have been realized, and other dreams I mourn haven't yet come to pass. But I am so thankful for the things I've learned and the people I've met in the past five years! When I think about how I pictured my life being in 2010 and compare it to the reality that is 2010, I'm not sure I'd trade my current life for my dream life. I've learned so much and experienced more than I could have imagined back in 2005. Here are SOME things I am thankful for in these past five years:

- learning about rejection and love and how God must feel when we reject Him
- learned what paralegals are (and studied to be one)
- my awesome small group and extraordinary church
- worked in three amazing churches
- went to Ireland three times
- lived in an interestingly diverse area
- finally learned to water ski
- made this beautiful city my "home"
- kept Mali, the fish, alive for the past three years
- I'm healthy
- have a job at one of my favorite places
- took ice skating lessons
- acquired a small obsession with hockey : )
- got into graduate school
- met awesome people

I am looking forward to the next five years! : )

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