Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dress Rehearsal

Our flight to New York (to continue to Dublin) was cancelled today due to rain. So, after 3 hours on the phone (mostly on hold), a rush to the airport (they told us we were on a flight leaving for France soon), and 3 more hours at the airport being tossed from airline counter to airline counter (flight confirmed to Chicago, bags checked, flights Chi-town to Dublin oversold so unschedule flight, find bags) they informed us we will have to leave tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will have 4 hours in Atlanta. Upon checking out the airport website I am please to learn they have a Starbucks (though I doubt we'll need that) and a family favorite...Chick-fil-a!!!!!! Plus Coca-Cola is made in Atlanta. So being more stressed than I have in about a year, I am excited for these little things!!! Yum!

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