Sunday, August 17, 2008

That's Going to Be A Nightmare...That's Just Our Policy

I love Brian Regan's quote when talking about customer service "That's going to be a nightmare. That's just our policy!" Let me start out by saying that Ireland was great!!! I loved it!!! It was so much fun to explore and visit and make new friends. Photos coming soon. Getting there and back however was not great AT ALL!!! Let me draw it out for you.

We were scheduled to leave August 2 MSP to JFK to DUB
Our MSP to JFK flight was cancelled due to rain
So, after 4 hours on the phone, a rush to the airport, and 4 hours of running back and forth between ticket counters (I won't elaborate as to why) we got booked for a flight the next day through Atlanta. We arrived at DUB 24 hours later than expected and went through Atlanta not JFK but we and a bunch of other interrupted travel people got First Class from Atlanta to Dublin, so that was nice.

We were schedule to come home August 16 DUB to JFK to MSP
Our DUB to JFK flight was delayed 5 hours because the JFK to DUB flight our plane was making was delayed leaving JFK 5 hours again due to rain. So, we checked in, collected our food vouchers, hung out at Starbucks, met some neat Irish people, and 5 hours later boarded our flight. We were scheduled to make our connection if we landed on time. We landed on time but sat on the tarmack for a good half hour or so and missed our flight to MSP. We wandered around JFK because it is HUGE and poorly marked and the staff is of little help (told us to walk to terminal 4 when a very helpful man later told us to ride the tram!!!). We found our ticket counter and the ticket agent told us all the flights were booked, but told us the times for the next day and gave us a hotel and food voucher (again). We went to the Ramada bus pick up area. The bus came and had a fender bender with the Holiday Inn van so we had to wait for another Ramada bus! Then we spent the night (a whole 9 hours of it) in Ramada Plaza Inn at JFK and left 5:30 am to check in for standby for the 8:00 am flight to MSP! We sat and sat and sat and I almost threw up from stress! Then, the agent called our names!!!!!! We made the flight!!! We were soooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!! Horray.

In the end, out of our four originally scheduled flights we flew ONE of our flight numbers and NONE of the times. So so so frustrating!

We are home! I miss Ireland, but am glad to not be at JFK anymore.

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