Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ireland - Part 2

It has been raining loads and loads!!! We have even had thunderstorms (odd for Ireland). Usually it rains for 20 minutes and is done for the day. Ethan frequently exclaims, "I con not bewieve it!" and everything Caiden does is "more than I've ever been" as in "my feet hurt more than they've ever been!" or "I'm hungrier than I've ever been in my life!" So funny! In a few days the crew comes home from conference and we will get to do some more touring (not that the Kildare Play Zone and Maynooth Spar haven't been grand)! Tomorrow Erin and I will minister to the neighbors the best we know how (by making them chocolate chip cookies). Unfortunately, there are no semi-sweet chocolates in Ireland and the Irish know little of soft cookies (their "biscuits" are usually rather hard and crunchy). So we make these every year and they love them!!! Well, I'm off to watch Failtre (full chur) Irish show with pseudo celebrities running a hotel and one by one they get kicked off (Erin and I are curious how long it will be until we have it in the U.S.). Its the best we could find. Cheers!

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