Friday, November 14, 2008

Food Waste - 14 November 2008

Not photo, but here's the list for the week:

- celery (lots of it)
- carrots (the package was broken and I just realized it...was wondering how they rotted so fast)
- one egg (my neighbor cracked it onto the counter when we were teaching her how to make cookies :-) )
- a bit of soup

I feel I did pretty good...but I think I threw some stuff out earlier this week I forgot about :-)


Anonymous said...

Yay! A participant!

Did you know you can freeze celery? I tried that in September, and I used it to make stuffing. It wouldn't be good without being cooked, though...too mushy.

Steve Turnbull said...

Nice job. That's not a lot.

(And nice photos of Bethel and Northwestern too, btw.)

We're looking forward to seeing you guys tonight.

Bethany said...

Kristen, you're brilliant. Really the only reason I buy celery is to cook with it. excited to try freezing it.

Steve, yah, its not a lot. Unfortunately, there's only one of me and this is from one I feel like its a lot. Fortunately I can compost it. My goal is to get down to zero like my cousin Kristen and her family of six (some weeks) ;-)