Saturday, February 13, 2010

A.D.D. Church

Have you noticed that church these days is loud? Its flashy. Its fast beat. Its visually stimulating. Its on time. The audio/visual effects rival some of the most recent Hollywood movies! Some of this is great! It is convenient for our busy, western schedules. But sometimes I miss the quiet moments of church. I miss the awe felt when watching the sun dance through stained glass. I miss the songs going a little long simply because we felt like singing the chorus one more time. I miss acknowledging the "church calendar" (Easter, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Epiphany, etc). I miss being able to clearly hear God through the noise. I miss it. Perhaps I'm a traditionalist or its my introversion coming out. But mostly I think it is my discomfort with the church looking more and more like the world. Yes, we want to do things well, we want to give our best, but as we are doing and being the best to impress the world and draw them in, what are we drawing them into? Is God Himself not impressive and enticing enough? Shouldn't the church be a quiet shelter from the pressures and noise of the world; a place of peace?

Don't get me wrong, I love my church! I think their ministry philosophy of loud music and edgy light shows both for kids and adults is fantastic and draws people who would otherwise not show interest in church. The lights, noise, etc are great tools used to bring people to God! There are screens EVERYWHERE, but used for information and out of necessity to see words and people. The excitement that fills the buildings and the people is from the joy we feel from God's great forgiveness. It is genuine and real, but it is loud.

Yes,sometimes, I miss the quiet. Shhh....

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