Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lenten Lamentin'

I have food to eat, clothes to wear (most of them still fit), a place to live, a church to go to, a cell phone (with texting), twitter, email, Skype, and a blog, but oh...I miss Facebook! There are people I don't have contact with through any other means and that, I believe, is the hardest thing. I've broken my Lent fast about three times in order to facebook message those whose phone numbers and email addresses I do not have and need to get a hold of (and they have reminded me I am not to be on Facebook now). It seems ridiculous and un-beneficial that I am cutting myself off from "the world" in this way (but maybe they are glad to get a break from me : ) ). I have photos to upload, statuses to read, and witty things to post to my wall. And...I have all this free time... My homework is actually getting done. My Bible is actually getting read (in fact, I emailed my pastor a few in depth theological questions I have wrestled with for quite some time). I have time to watch endless amounts of Olympic ski jumping and ice dancing (grrrr NBC). I helped pack meals for the poor. I feel more focused. I no longer have this urge to check my facebook (just my email). I even played Wii with the neighbor girls! Maybe being off Facebook is not that bad, but I do miss my 243 friends. But I guess if they truly were my friends and not simply statistics, I would hear from them, they would have my number. So, dear, dear, facebook friends, come Easter I will cherish you all the more, and read your status updates and posts all the less!

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