Monday, February 1, 2010


Food goal
So, I've not been keeping up, but I've been doing well and have been surprised how far my low-cost Aldi trips have gone! I have only spent 25% of my month's grocery budget and the month is 1/2 over! I'm excited about that!

There is a challenge coming up this next week that I would like to take on. This has to do with my church and our focus on the poor in our next series. We are being encouraged to eat like the poor (rice, oats, etc). You can learn more about that here: Join in!

Hmm...I am not doing well at this at all! I have been ice skating each week and that is good exercise, but not enough. My family bought me Just Dance for the Wii for Valentine's and that is quite a work out, so I try to do that.

Three people were added to our small group, so those will be new friends. Also, I am hosting a party this weekend for my apartment neighbors, so I hope to get to know them a little more. I feel I have been doing well on this goal.

God's Guidance
Oh it is so easy to think I have my life all together and not need God's guidance, but I need it even more! I do need to stay diligent on this task!

Thanks for reading!

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