Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Phenomenon That is Sonic

So, Sonic just opened. Having a brother from Texas, I know about this slushi kingdom in all its inexpensive glory. There are about 10 in Longview (a city of about 30,000). Its pretty exciting (more so than it would have been had they opened in winter...brrr). I went there the other day to pick up some gift cards for graduates we know who are moving to Texas. It was a great idea (thanks mom). Upon arrival I couldn't believe the hoard of people and police officers directing traffic. So I wove my car around back hoping to somehow find a back entrance somehow invisible to everyone else so I could run in/run out and get the cards. At the back entrance I saw a huge parking lot with cones set up like my driver's ed course. It was the line to weave through to get your slushi. At the end of this line was an employee kid. "Welcome to Sonic! Are you dine in or sdarjlkr (whatever the pull up thing is called)?" "Uh, I just want some giftcards, do you have those?" "I don't know" I spied his walkie talkie "Could you ask someone on your walkie talkie" ", they'd get really mad!!!" Ugh! "You could park at Byerly's and wait in line and when you get to the window you could ask them!" (he was really proud of this answer) until I said "uh, Have you seen the line?" I thanked him (a little disgruntled) and left. Oh well. Sonic another day.

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