Monday, June 30, 2008


I hate the Twins! They don't win and have no good players. Yet for some reason Minneapolis agreed to let them build a new ballpark ON MY DOLLAR! If they wanted it bad enough they should have gotten it privately funded and chipped in a percent of their own million dollar a year salaries. Instead they had to raise my taxes (I lived in Hennepin County at the time). Because of this, St Bonefacious is trying to be annexed off to the next county over. They are miles away and will not benefit from the stadium, yet are being taxed for it. Also, who goes to the games? It is not just people from Hennepin County. People from across the metro will come to these games tax free. I don't care that it is .0125%, it is still a tax and still higher. They won't lower it when the stadium is funded.

Well tomorrow we get our taxes raised again. This time for public transportation and who knows what else they added to that bill! Look out! The only way around it is to buy non-taxable items or shop a few counties over. I bet the people way out in Lindstrom are happy they are going to be paying taxes for city buses that go no where near them...or not! :-)

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