Wednesday, June 25, 2008

There is Hope!!!

Ok, so a more cheery post than last night.

So, the church is not the hope of the world. That's alright. We understand the hope of the world is God. However, we cannot deny that God is using churches large, small, and in between in more powerful ways than one could ever imagine. I've been blessed to work at four of them and volunteered at many more!!! Though the church may not be the hope of the world, it carries a great burden of hope!

Have you heard the wildly famous "If we are the body" song Casting Crowns sings? " But if we are the Body, Why aren't His arms reaching, Why aren't His hands healing, Why aren't His words teaching, And if we are the Body, Why aren't His feet going, Why is His love not showing them there is a way". I had a co-worker at one of the churches I worked at who had trouble with this song. She said it seemed to assume we were just lazily sitting on our couches doing nothing when the truth is God IS healing, His arms ARE reaching, His words ARE teaching! God is using the body! Could we do better? Sure, always. But we can't deny the power of God working through the church (defined as the body of Christ followers).

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