Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Amputate the Cell Phone

My internet went down last night and guess what...I survived! I love not having internet. In all practicality, I do need to use it frequently, but really there are ways around it. I think this experiment Kare11 is doing with teens is interesting:


Kristen said...

Sometimes it IS good to go without this stuff! I try to not even turn on my computer until I'm finished with all my more important work(like school with the kids! lol). It's just too distracting otherwise.

Kristen said...

Oh, and thanks for updating my blog address! :) Since I have a blog now, I can't sign in properly when I leave a comment on your blog. Is there a setting you can pick so that us commenters have the option of doing name/url instead? I know I've seen that on some blogger blogs.

Bethany said...

Kristen, I think you can use Open ID for Word Press.