Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cold Press Coffee

On Sunday I bought some supplies for cold press coffee: 1 lb of coffee, flavored creamer, and french press. I already had a large bowl and a pitcher. Here's what I did:

pour 1/2 lb coffee in bowl
pour 4 1/2 cups of cold water over coffee
set in fridge for 8-12 hours
take coffee sludge out of fridge and pour into french press (it was around 3 cups now)
slowly press the coffee (to strain out the grit) you could use a paper filter or something else too
pour liquid into pitcher
store in fridge up to a week

to drink: DILUTE coffee mixture 1 to 4 (I do 1/4 cup coffee liquid with 1 cup water and a splash of creamer) Enjoy!

Currently, with my purchases, the coffee was $30 (20 for the french press, 10 for 1/2 lb coffee) to make. Since it makes 3 cups, that is $10 per cup!!!! But using 1/4 cup per glass, that is about 2.50 per glass...it costs a little more than Caribou at the moment, but after I get through this batch, the french press will have paid for itself (I know if I were a real accountant I would figure out the lifespan of the press and divide the cost equally among all cups of coffee it will make to give a more accurate price, but whatever) and I will only have to buy the coffee at $18/lb (9 cups) bringing the cost down to $2/cup and .50/glass (way cheaper than Caribou)!!! And I could always buy cheaper coffee to bring my costs way down!

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