Friday, September 12, 2008

Like Ike?

Hurricane Ike has its eye on the great state of Texas. Apparently everything is bigger there, even the hurricanes. Even the evacuations are bigger (and disastrous). Houston will not be evacuating this time around. Under the impending doom of 2007's Hurricane Rita, Houston was evacuated and it was a disaster!

My brother's are hunkered down in their dorms waiting out Hurricane Ike. One is in Waco and two are in Longview. Apparently, they are both in the path. The news feeds from Baylor and LeTourneau are very informative and somewhat unreal. We don't have anything like hurricanes here. We just don't. Wrapped in with all the usual "stay away from windows, if there's an emergency call 911" warnings are the "make sure all electronic equipment is off the floor and covered by a plastic bag such as a garbage bag" and "we are turning the elevators off tonight, we don't want to risk anyone getting stuck if there is a power outage". I giggle a little at these, they are just so far out of my realm of warnings. Good luck, Texas!

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