Monday, January 4, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Today was my first day working on my 2010 goal of grocery shopping with cash and, at the end of the month, donating the left over cash to a charity! Thank you to my cousin for the inspiration! I'm very excited about this!

I went to the bank and got some of the grocery cash. I have an envelop for it and an envelop at home for receipts.

Today I went shopping for a few items I needed (um...wanted). Here's what I got:
-coffee syrup (so I can make lattes at home)
-frappuchinos (for days I am out of milk or in a rush)
-bananas (yum!)
-eggs (every recipe I looked at last night required these)
-cinnamon bread (for french toast which I could eat every night if need be)

I know coffee syrup and Frappuchios are not necessary and could be a huge way to save money, but it is better than the $4 I usually (embarrassingly) spend on one drink, so this is my little way to save for now and I think it will pay off in a huge way.

French toast for dinner may seem odd, but I am excited about this. It is an inexpensive meal. Also, the majority of my free time is in the evenings so I can spend this time to cook a quick meal and make a meaty meal to re-heat for lunch the next day. It is easier to re-heat chicken for lunch than to make some soggy french toast, plus the protein from the meat will give me more energy and focus for the rest of the day (which will probably make my co-workers happy). : )

So day 1, not too bad...I have room to improve, but I'm relatively happy with my progress.

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