Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yet Again, Another Week

Food Goal
I am doing BAD on this goal, I lost track of what I ate in the first half of the week and spending only cash is not always convenient (which is kind of the point). Sometimes I get excited about using cash so use my food money on other things! Bad bad bad!!! I am 83% through my budget and 80% of the way through the month, so over my budget and my budget is much higher than I'd like it anyways! It is amazing how much the little things add up.

L: coffee and cinnamon roll
D: french toast (I was going to have dinner at church and looking forward to it, cash in hand, but instead they were giving 100% of the offering to Haiti, so I figured I could give the cash and have dinner at home instead) I'm not bragging, just keeping accountable to my money

L: Baja Sol with co-workers
D: McDonalds before class

L: my coworker brought chili
D: Pizza at the bowling alley ($6 for bowling and pizza)

Exercise Goal
I am doing horrible on this goal. I have been doing a lot of yoga stretches and started doing sit ups. So, I guess its alright. We went bowling on Friday and walked around downtown Sunday, so I'm not a couch potato.

Friends Goal
I went bowling with some friends on Friday night. These were friends I don't normally hang out with, so that was fun! Saturday for dinner I went out with a lady from church I don't know well and found out we went to the same high school. We had a great conversation and it was really fun! So, I think I did good at this goal this week!!!

Spiritual Goal
This one is going very well and, I feel, it is the most important one. I had two opportunities to get back into Children's ministry part time, which I would love, but ended up turning them down. I simply don't have the time right now and am just not ready to go back into it professionally now. I still volunteer as a Team Lead at my church every week and I feel that is a good opportunity right now.

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