Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This week

Lunch: Pasta with broccoli and tomatoes
Dinner: French toast
Grocery shopping today with cash for the first time...not bad!

Lunch: Pulled pork sandwich (Thanks, Kari!) and left-over pasta
Dinner: Left over french toast
I forgot to put the milk away this morning and it sat out all day. Boo!! :(

Lunch: Lemon pepper chicken
Dinner: Tortilla soup (which was WAY too spicy) so I ate an egg and cheese omelet

Lunch: with my co-workers at Green Mill
Dinner: Scone, banana, french fries from my classmate (not the best dinner, but I was still rather full from lunch)

Lunch: left over sandwich from Green Mill
Dinner: snacks at Caribou (game night with friends)
I spend some of my food money today for a grocery gift card to give a co-worker who is going through a financially difficult time. Worth it.

I can't really remember what I ate. Since I was mostly home, I probably just grazed.

Today I went grocery shopping. I went to Aldi and the discounts were great! But the store I normally go to is on the other end of town. Since I was at Aldi, I went to a closer grocery store but I did not like it. It is more expensive than the one I normally go to and the produce comes in odd servings and is very limited. So, I think I will stick to my normal grocery store. My cousin frequently goes to multiple stores to get great deals, but I simply do not have the time to drive all over town so will stick to one store.

I made tortellini soup and bread today. Yum!

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