Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Goals

I've lived a relatively goal-less life and I think it shows. I never liked making goals, but when I did, this is how it went: make goals, lots of goals, feel overwhelmed, don't reach any of them, feel like a failure. So this year, I am making some goals.

My people goal is to make 12 new friends this year. Not just aquaintances, but friends. I fully expect to fail at this goal, and with this realistic view of life, I think it will be just fine. Mostly it will put this introvert in the mindset to be open to and excited about meeting new people.

Money and Food
Inspired by my super woman cousin, I have decided to join her in her cash-based, charity benefiting endevour of creating a food budget for the month, getting that amount in cash, and giving the left overs to a charity. I am excited about this goal! Not only will it be fun to save money and give to charity, but it will also encourage some rather creative cooking (which I LOVE to do) instead of running out for a meal. This one I think I can, and need to, do! I am completely embarrased by how much I spend on food and how much I waste and it needs to stop!

My family surprised me with a Wii for Christmas!!! I didn't even ask or hint or anything, but it is so much fun! I would really like to get a Wii Fit so I can work out in the cold Minnesota winters (my sister in law says it works for her). But it is rather pricey, so I am waiting for a sale. Otherwise, my normal walks will do, though they get much tougher in the winter with the snowy and icy ground and it takes longer to bundle up. I also go to open skate quite a bit to get a good workout, but that costs a few dollars (and adds up). So, in general, exercise two times a week in the winter (in the summer it is no problem to work out every day).

I want to spend more time with God specifically focusing on which direction my life should take. We'll start with 5 minutes a day...I know that is pathetic, but this is in addition to my devo time.

So there you have it, my four goals for this year: 12 friends, save food and money, exercise two times a week, and time with God.

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